Shorts from ayen

Shorts interpreted in a modern way: Discover shorts for women from the current ayen collection! The models are the perfect summer trousers - thanks to sophisticated cuts and details they are real style all-rounders. The ayen styles in natural shades and current collection colours have loose shapes and a structured, effortless look. Combined with a ayen topa shirt blouse or a loose knitted sweater knitted jumperyou can update your style this season and with our new shorts.

Shorts from ayen - discover new classics

So new, so current, so modern: shorts for women are making a comeback in fashion. For this, we've given them a new look so that assets are accentuated and every body type feels comfortable in the new shorts. Tomorrow's classics feature a longer leg, loose silhouettes and structured fabrics that effortlessly and stylishly hug your legs and hips. Our ayen shorts and Bermudas are made from summery materials and are designed with great attention to detail in Munich and made for you in Portugal. 

In our spring/summer collections, you'll find a curated selection of women's shorts and summer trousers, all of which are comfortable to wear and style a mix of effortless casual and the current zeitgeist. That's why ayen shorts are also suitable for versatile styling that can range from relaxed to chic. Whether flowing Bermuda shorts, knitted shorts with elasticated waistband or A-line shorts - our short trousers are trendy for many seasons to come. These timeless summer shorts are ideal as wardrobe staples and skirt alternatives, as they are just as easy-to-style as skirts, plus they stand out for their comfort and practicality.

This also underlines our sustainable vision: ayen designs are a symbiosis of timeless and modern, so that you can enjoy your styles for a long time and they accompany you through the best moments of summer. We also choose durable, high-quality and natural materials like cotton, linen or viscose for our shorts to protect the environment and provide the best feel and handfeel. With our summer trousers and shorts for women, you'll always have essentials in your wardrobe that you can rely on. Slip on a pair of shorts, pair them with a top and you've got an effortlessly modern look.  

ayen Styling tips: How to combine shorts?

When it has to be stylish and functional at the same time, shorts are the perfect choice in summer. Their flowing cut allows air to reach the legs, while at the same time shorts look more casual and cool than Skirts - and in a slightly longer cut they are even suitable for the office or festive occasions. The trend is for shorts that reach at least to mid-thigh and are therefore longer than conventional shorts. This creates a beautiful silhouette and allows for a variety of styles for different occasions.

To give the shorts a stage and wear them as a highlight in a look, styling them with a plain top or T-shirt is suitable in spring and summer. Basics are the ideal styling partners for women's shorts and can be styled more excitingly with jewellery and accessories. Oversized shirt blouses in natural shades are perfect for an office look with shorts, especially Bermuda pants with pleats. 

When styling shorts, however, the question also arises: which shoes to combine with shorts? In spring, we prefer loafers or mules, which create beautiful legs and balance the androgynous look of shorts. In summer, sandals are a must-have with shorts, preferably models with a chunky sole - for a modern and cool style. Shorts can be styled more festively with heeled sandals. To continue wearing shorts into late summer or autumn, we like to combine shorts with chunky boots and lace-up boots - and there you have it, a wardrobe essential. Essentialthat you can mix and match in a variety of ways throughout the seasons. Discover our new collection and the latest shorts from ayen!



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