Our brand philosophy

ayen was founded in Munich in 2019 and stands for "all you ever need" in terms of content. The label's signature reflects exactly this basic idea:
ayen offers design, wearability, quality and durability and stands as a fashion home for timeless, high-quality garments and accessories.
Each ayen collection is therefore a curated selection of high-quality pieces that you can wear all year round and with which you are always and everywhere well dressed.

Special details, materials of natural origin and an individual cut are also an integral part of the ayen brand DNA.
All our clothes are made in Europe, for example in Portugal. 

All You Ever Need

Our approach: ayen stands for "all you ever need" and this is exactly the approach we take with all our collection pieces. These are always a curated selection of styles that complement any wardrobe in a meaningful way. We want to create fashion that every woman needs in her closet to be well dressed anytime, anywhere.

Timeless and classic designs

Our approach: Our collection pieces are modern and timeless. This ensures that our garments and accessories are durable and wearable for longer than just one season.

Handmade in Europe

Our approach: All our pieces are produced in Europe. We attach great importance to the fact that we know each of our producers and production sites personally and that all standards are met as a result. Short transport routes and less CO2 emissions are another advantage of our production in Europe.

Quality instead of quantity

Our approach: All our collections are always limited and are not reproduced. In this way, we want to prevent clothing waste and promote conscious and reflective consumption among our customers.

Plastic minimisation

Our approach: as little plastic as possible! We follow this guiding principle not only with our materials, but also within our company, for example by avoiding plastic in our shipping packaging.

Sustainable natural materials

Our approach: For our collections, we focus on high-quality natural materials that not only look beautiful, but are also kinder to us and our environment.