Designed in Germany | Made in Europe

ayen stands for “all you ever need” and creates wearable fashion pieces with a certain something. The brand addresses to fashion-conscious women who are interested in quality and beautiful everyday pieces with a special twist in design. The ayen woman enjoys dressing herself and values the mix of a feminine and modern style. All our clothing is made in europe. ayen is a nonseasonal brand that works independently of classic fashion and season cycles. The brand was founded in 2019 by Nina Schwichtenberg and Patrick Kahlo.

Our approach for a healthier and sustainable fashion industry:

For us, clothing is more than just a fabric on a hanger. Because of this it’s important to us to personally know and have visited each of our producers and production facilities. This is how we ensure that our demands on quality and standards are met. We mainly use natural fibers such as cotton, linen or tencel for our collections. All our collections are always limited to avoid mass and overproduction.

When developing our garments, we have an eye on timeless and classic designs that you can wear for more than just one season and thus have a longer and sustainable life. Avoiding plastic as far as possible (e.g. in our packaging) is just as important to us as a production Made in Europe. This is how we ensure short and more environmentally friendly delivery routes and avoid your clothes having to travel halfway around the world before they become part of your wardrobe.

Timless And Classy Designs

Our approach: produce small and limited collections to avoid mass production

Fashion Handmade In Europe

Our approach: Production Made in Europe to ensure short and more environmentally friendly delivery routes.

Sustainable Fabrics

Our approach: We focus on quality instead of quantity by mainly using natural fibers. This helps us to provide long lasting and high quality clothes.


Size chart: Emma Dress

(all measurements are listed in centimetres)

Size A = length B = breast C = chest D = hips
34 ca. 119 ca. 40 ca. 34 ca. 47
36 ca. 119 ca. 43 ca. 35 ca. 48
38 ca. 121 ca. 46 ca. 36 ca. 49
40 ca. 121 ca. 48 ca. 38 ca. 50